Partnering ambitious brands


About us

INHAUS is a collective of designers, technologists and strategists based in Manchester that have been designing and developing brands, digital platforms and products across industries for years.

We are founded on the idea that the principles of user experience should drive not just design, but business and marketing as well. We’re known for finding new ways to harmonise the things clients need with what users really want in order to create experiences that change industries. We work with companies who are as committed to shaping culture and defining the future as we are. We specialise in helping our partners overcome barriers to innovation and get to market quickly with the right product, campaign or initiative for their business.


Our People

We come from all over the world, have a diversity of experience and backgrounds, and practice a variety of disciplines. We share a perpetual curiosity, and a belief that the things we make should be helping to bring about a more human future.

We believe that industries change and lives are improved when design, technology, and communications come together to solve problems for people. To do this, we’ve built a studio of experts who believe technology and design should be used to deliver better services and experiences. We give them the freedom to make things that matter, working alongside colleagues they respect, for truly ambitious brands.